Thursday, December 2, 2010

Groupon Credit!!!

This doesn't happen hardly ever and I have found credit codes in the past that ended up not working, but I just tried it on my own account and it worked! You can use code SURPSLICK to get a $1 credit on Groupon! I know $1 doesn't sound like much but it goes a long way when a deal may only cost $5. A week ago, they had $5 movie tickets with a soda included. A $1 credit would have been great! So go here to sign up for Groupon, if you haven't already. Or go here to log in. Once you are there, go to My Account and click on Redeem a Gift Card. You can paste the code there and it will be applied. Let me know if this doesn't end up working for you. I don't want to keep this post up if it is not working.

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