Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adventures of Cake Pops...

For my daughter's first birthday, I was determined to make her first cake. It was nothing special, but making that cake created a passion in me that I have not been able to shake. Two kids later, and now 7 birthday cakes later, I have evolved and learned a lot about cake making. I am definitely no professional. I haven't even had a class. But I do love to make birthday cakes and watch my kid's faces light up when they see their idea come to life.

I am always looking at ideas and trying to figure out new ways to make cakes. I may be totally behind the times, but I have just recently discovered cake pops. You may be like me and are wondering, "What in the world are cake pops?" Cake pops are like mini candy coated cakes on sticks. They are big enough to decorate with only your imagination as the limit but small enough to fit on a lollipop stick! I am in awe of these tiny pieces of art.

Basically, you bake then crumble a cake, put it in a food processor with icing and then roll this concoction into little balls. Chill them for a few hours and then shape them into whatever you are creating. Then you use chocolate or candy melts to coat the cake. After that any kind of candies will do to create your cake pop.

Sound simple? Well, I have no idea whether it is or not, but I am now determined to try this out! I will be making these tiny things soon and I am going to post about it here. This could become something that I absolutely love or it could be a crash and burn trial. We will have to see. And if you know anything about cake pops, I am all ears! I welcome any tips or ideas.

*All cake pop pictures came from Bakerella,com.


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