Monday, September 20, 2010

The Art of Washing Hands

The Art of Washing Hands is a website dedicated to teaching kids about the importance of good hygiene. Keep those germs away! It is even more important now that cold and flu season is about to be upon us! This site is so cute with songs to teach your kids and tips for fighting off germs! They also have a great freebie for teachers and nurses. You can order up to 4 packs (8 in a pack) of "Icky Bands" for free! These are so cute. "Master Mo, Octogunk, Mr. Mee-Yucky, and Dirt McGirt" are the names of the bands. They are just a helpful reminder for your kids to wash their hands! There are also free printables that you can use to go along with your "Icky Bands". Order some for your class and give them out as a reward or use them in a lesson!

(Thanks, Kristen!)

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