Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feedback Saturday!

I am going to make this a weekly post, but I think from now on I will do it on Friday. "Feedback Fridays"! But I will kick it off today because sometimes weekends are pretty slow in regards to new deals (or because today is the kickoff for fall football). Here's how this is going to work: you use the comment section below to let me know types of deals that you like to hear about best, things that I can do differently, and ways that I can improve the blog so that it's easier or more enjoyable for the readers! I have had several people send me deals that they find throughout the week, and I love that! It helps me and gets more deals to you! So, keep that coming! I really want your feedback!

Let's kickoff Feedback Fridays with a BANG!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey hun, I wish someone could have told me a few things about Blogging when I started and now I'm addicted! I think maybe you should add your 'button' for others to grab and put on their blogs. This will help you with gaining followers, trust me. Here to help if you need me! By the way, thanks for adding me on your Blog List!! YAY!! And you're on my Blog Roll page at