Thursday, November 4, 2010

Journey for Generosity

This post is different from my other posts in that there will be no deals, but I feel like sharing something a little more personal. Times are tough in our household. Money is tight and we are working hard to make ends meet. While I believe that material things are not what makes a life, part of the reason that I started this site was because I was looking for deals to make sure that my children have what they need and do it in a way that is not wasteful (and decided to share those with whoever wants to know). The Lord has blessed our family in many ways other than monetarily and I feel that when He does bless us with money, it should be used wisely. I plan my grocery shopping trips very strategically in order to save the most money and get the most for the money that I do spend.

That being said, we have so many people in our lives that have been extremely generous to our family over the years and currently! The Lord has opened my eyes so many times to His work through other people. Just yesterday, He reminded me that relying on others and asking for help may be humbling but teaches me that He always provides. I am so grateful for those people that are in my life that have decided to reach out and give what may seem like something so small to them, but means the world to me. I could never thank them enough. And when I have the means, with my money, my time, or my resources, I want to take opportunities to do the same for others!

So, my challenge to you is to find someone by the end of the year that you can bless. Find someone that you can reach out to with some sort of generosity. This does not have to be anything large scale unless you want it to be. This should be easy, especially as the holiday season approaches. If you do this, and feel like sharing, do so. Share ideas or how others have blessed you. I am challenging myself to do this as well, and I believe that we will all learn something about ourselves in this journey for generosity.

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  1. i love you nat. but i think you already know that.