Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cellfire Cinderella Coupons!

I have never seen Cellfire do this before, but it is wonderful! They are having a promotion for everyone who has a Cellfire account. If you log in to Cellfire, your will automatically have a coupon for $1, $5, or $10 off your purchase at Kroger! It will be somewhere in the coupons that you download to your Kroger card. I believe that you can open an account today and then log in to get this coupon as well. I logged in and had a $5 off my purchase of $5.01 or more! I am so excited!

If you don't know, Cellfire is an online site that has coupons. If you have a Kroger card (or there are grocery stores on there that I don't know), you can register your card and automatically download coupons from the site to your card. This way you don't have to carry so many coupons to the store! When you check out, these coupons automatically ring up if you have the items in your cart!

So make sure you go to Cellfire before tomorrow and get your coupon! You have until 11/19 to download the coupon to your card and then you have until 11/28 to use your FREE MONEY!

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