Monday, January 17, 2011

Deals Postponed

I'm so sorry to announce that I will temporarily have to postpone giving ya'll deals. Due to some things going on at home, I will be unable to post anything. I am so sad to have to do this, and if I could, I would definitely continue letting ya'll know what's out there. This is something that I absolutely love getting to do. But this is out of my control. Bear with me, and hopefully I will be able to post deals for you again in the near future! My goal is to get Peach Deals back up and running as soon as possible and to make it bigger and better.

While I am away, here are a few great sites that will keep you informed:
Thank you so much for reading Peach Deals,


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  1. Thanks for all the time you spent posting deals up to this point! Hope everything is okay! :)