Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Personal by Amy

I have a good friend who just started an awesome business and it has totally taken off in the short time that she has been working on it! It's easy to see why! She is making the cutest personalized items! You can order anything from storage tubs to cake takers to treat containers.

It's Personal by Amy offers high quality personalized gifts for everyone in the family. I ordered a storage tote for my son's birthday and it is so cute! My favorite thing that she makes is the personalized cake taker. They are so nice for parties or potlucks. She even personalizes the bottom just so there won't be any confusion about who's cake taker it is! I love that! The best part of it is, the prices are unbelievable! Anyone can afford these great gifts. Consider them for bridal or baby showers or the caddies and buckets for gifts instead of bags.

Take a look at It's Personal by Amy on Facebook and see what you would like to order. I can gaurantee you won't be able resist!

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  1. Thanks Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are too sweet!!