Friday, January 7, 2011

Tips for Getting Free Samples

I have had some people say, "I like to get the free samples, but then I get SO much junk in my inbox!" To me, that would discourage even signing up for the samples. I hate spam and junk mail! When I started all of this, I rarely signed up for free samples because I didn't want any of that junk.

So, what is the best option for signing up for free samples and being safe about it?
  1. The main thing I suggest is getting another email account dedicated solely for free samples. When you sign up, use this email address instead of your regular one. This will eliminate the spam and junk mail in your other inbox. 
  2. The extra email account also cuts down on someone hacking your account. And if, let's hope this never happens, it does get hacked, then it is easy to just delete the account without having to deal with the hassle of letting contacts know you have a new email address. No personal information could be shared this way.
  3. Obviously, be careful what personal information you give out. Most will ask for your email and your mailing address, but these are needed to send your samples. Do not give out much more than this.
  4. Lastly, I take the free samples that I post seriously. I always try out the process of requesting a sample before I post on Peach Deals. I do my absolute best to post safe and valid samples.
These are just a few simple ways to make things easier on you. I highly suggest the 2nd email account. I did it months ago and it has been much easier!

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